What is Project Migraine Hope?

Project Migraine Hope is a community of videos where individuals who have Migraines  (chronic or episodic) and loved ones/caregivers/friends of those who have Migraines of all ages and backgrounds share their stories with Migraine disease and share a message of hope for others going through what they are going through.

Migraine disease is much more than a headache. In some cases, Migraine disease is chronic, debilitating and disabling. It creates a great burden on the individual and those around them.  

Project Migraine hope was born out of a desire to create awareness about the impact Migraine disease has on the lives of individuals (Migraineurs, caregivers, loved ones, and friends) who would be positively affected by Migraine advocacy initiatives such as the current Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy Petition.

Are you an individual with Migraine or a loved one/caregiver/friend of someone with Migraine? We would love you to join our community and participate in Project Migraine Hope! You can find out how to join in by clicking the "How To Participate" tab.

Project Migraine Hope tells it like it really is: the burden and the hope.

We live with hope because there is hope. Migraine Hope.

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