Thursday, January 26, 2012

Video: Migraine, Hope & Me Part One

Participant: Kelly, Chronic Migraine Disease, Without Aura, Chronic Daily Headache
Synopsis: Wondering what to put into your post? You can make it whatever you want to be. Part one is an example of a summary of my Migraine story. Part Two is an example of the Hope I have to share! I made a mistake which is why there are two parts instead of one video!


  1. This is wonderful, Kelly! I'm so excited about this project and hopeful about the impact we can have through it. I'm brainstorming what I might like to say in my video so I can get started. Major kudos & gentle hugs. :)

    1. Thanks Diana! I'm really hopeful too! I'm glad you are thinking of contributing. It took me several takes to figure out what I wanted to say. It was harder than I thought...and I still didn't say everything I wanted too, but I'm not good with keeping things short.
      Gentle hugs back! Kelly