Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project Migraine Hope Introduction

Participant: Kelly, Chronic Migraine Disease & Chronic Daily Headache
Contact: www.flywithhope.com , @flywithhope
Synopsis: Introduction and invitation to participate in Project Migraine Hope. "There is hope!"


  1. Hope can be such a delicate thing to hold onto. The solidarity found in the fact that one is not alone and that others are there to encourage and uplift when you can't do it for yourself is worth its weight in gold. Thanks for creating and starting this project, Kelly!

  2. Hope is the only thing I hold onto, that there will be more research in the near future. I cannot give up, I like what you have started. It helps so much to talk to others, because it can be isolating. I have been to MHNI for treatment and realized their are so many of us that suffer. Connection is what gives me hope with another sufferer. So many do not understand so it is important to talk to those that do, so Thank- You for starting this. I do not know how to do a video but will learn, I just got a new IPad and I think I will be able to video. Susie!!